Do you Ship Outside of North America?

Yes, but can be complicated. For the most part, North American shipping can be handled by a fairly simple flat rate structure based on weight and size. Shipping overseas requires more options- surface vs. air primarily- and costs can be high, but more importantly, highly variable.

We ask that when you have found the parts you are seeking, note their SKU numbers and whatever descriptions might be necessary, and use our Parts Inquiry Form to tell us what you need. Please be sure to include your full address and contact information; also indicate that you have seen the item actually listed in the online store. Based on this, we can calculate a good balance between speed, cost, and trackability.

For items under 2kg, we can likely keep costs under $100 and you will have it in 6-10 days. Items under 20kg can run into the hundreds. Anything heavier- an engine, for instance, will require more complicated freight shipment.

Also, please note that fuel tanks are especially difficult to ship by air transport, so if you desperately need one of our stock overseas, be prepared to wait for a few months of surface transport, or to pay super-extra money for certifications to allow air transport.

Is there a Minimum Order Amount?

Yes, $30 through the online store. It takes a bit of work to put an order together and handle the shipping. For orders placed through the old process (entering a form to determine price and availability), the minimum order is $50. Items available through this online store are known to exist and are easily found, for other items we must go through bins and shelves to determine if we even have a requested item.

How Long Will It Take My Order To Process

We should be able to get it out the door within a day or two, but it may take a bit longer in summer months and other busy seasons. Normally it would take some hunting through two reasonably well organized warehouse spaces, but items offered in the online store have been organized and tagged by an actual Library Technician, so finding things is relatively easy.

Where Do You Get All Those Used Parts?

Mainly from crashed bikes that have been taken over by the insurance company and sold at auction.

Often people get handed useless old bikes they don’t want, and it’s easier to just drop it off here than deal with scrapyards.This also includes the proverbial ‘barn queens’ that some people inherit, failed project bikes, and other, partially assembled machines where somebody simply lost interest.

Many of our NOS OEM parts have come from the stock of motorcycle dealerships and shops that have gone out of business and left us with the remains.

Occasionally a bike needs a repair that is too expensive for the owner to afford, and they end up dropping it with us just to get rid of it. We seldom catch that’s fully repairable (and more importantly registerable), so for the most part we simply pull off all the undamaged or otherwise useful components and send the rest on for recycling.

Do You Have Parts for Chinese, European, or US-Made Motorcycles?

Not really. Occasionally something from a Triumph or Ducati will wander in the door, but this is primarily a Japanese used parts place.

Do You Sell New Motorcycles?

No, a dealership license costs too much.

Can I Just Call And Ask If You Have a Part?

Sure, but it won’t help- we’ll just tell you to use the email contact info at the regular location. We gather up all the parts inquiries and search for them the next morning.