Supersport Motorcycle Works specializes in wrecking motorcycles and selling the parts. For offerings online, we have combed through our two warehouses to find some of the best available examples or each part category. This means that, for instance, a very nice radiator viewed in our online store represents dozens and dozens on the shelf. In addition, parts offered for a particular bike generally indicates we will have a good assortment of other parts, not specifically listed, making it worthwhile to use the Parts Inquiry Form in the menu.

For the most part, components on public offer are in good to excellent condition, but these are mostly used parts, and some wear is inevitable. Bodywork will almost always have at least some scuffing, engine covers will show some nicks and scrapes, instruments will indicate distance traveled, etc. We will try to indicate as clearly as possible any damages, and will be happy to clarify the condition of parts in question.

Many components are NOS, vintage shelf stock which might have minor spots of rust or other forms of non-use wear. These mainly come in original packaging with clear indication of the original part number.

A large part of what we do is preservation work for those wishing to restore vintage machines to original or near-original condition. We try, to the best of our abilities, to identify the pieces on offer, based primarily on included manufacturer part numbers, although we must often resort to markings or bin numbers from the warehouse.

Our diversity of parts lets us supply you with the necessities for repair, restoration or customization.

In some cases we have had to do extensive research on these parts, based on visual matching in online photo galleries and searching for descriptive terminology, or combing through parts microfiches and back-tracing alternative fitments and broader compatibility.