We are a full service repair and Provincial inspection facility with over 25 years of experience, offering both routine maintenance and larger repairs:

  • Complete engine and transmission rebuilds
  • Carburetor overhauls (please note: if your bike has been sitting for a year or more, your carbs are gummed up)
  • Top-end rebuilds
  • Suspension service and rebuilds
  • Wiring harness de-hackifying and general electrics work (please note: it’s probably not your ignition coil)
  • Oil and filter changes
  • Tire changes (please note: there is an extra labor surcharge if you don’t buy the tire through us)
  • Wheel truing, balancing, and straightening
  • Exhaust systems (please note: loud pipes do not save lives, they just make people angry and get them to advocate for closing off-road areas to motorized traffic)

If you have an older machine, we have the advantage of our large stock of vintage parts readily available for use in repairing customer machines. This stock of parts can also be used as the basis for more creative solutions to issues with machines where parts are no longer available anywhere.

In the main riding season, we generally will stick with straightforward work where the overall time outlay is fairly predictable. In the off-season we can take on more interesting projects, or those which might require a longer stay in the shop. The largest constraint is space, as we can only physically store a limited number of machines on the premises.

We ask that you think strategically about your service needs: one issue we have in the busy season is the simple logistics of storing bikes that are waiting for service, therefore we need to focus on quick turnaround. Once things slow down in the off season we can take on larger projects such as restoration, performance tuning, and upgrades. From a customer perspective, we recommend that you focus on maximizing your riding time when the weather is nice, and leave the protracted downtime maintenance periods for the darker months of Winter.

Generally we will book in for Saturdays (please call as far in advance as possible to guarantee a slot), and take care of things over the course of the following week, hoping to be finished by the following Friday or Saturday. This allows us to make an early assessment of potential parts needs to order what is required, and estimate the amount of work likely to be necessary.

Rate: $100 per hour